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We Make Houses Stand Out With Professional Decorative Concrete Landscape Curbing/Edging

professional decorative concrete curbing

Why Install Professional Decorative Concrete Curbing?

The appeal of professional decorative concrete curbing is its ability to complement existing landscaping while reducing the time needed for maintenance. Our process is noninvasive and most installations can be completed within a day. Our cost effective edging system can help enhance your property value, prevent unwanted grass and weeds in beds, and help eliminate termites and pests.

Easy Installation

First, the sod cutting and ground preparation is completed making the landscape ready for curb installation. This is done using a sod-cutting machine to cut a 6-9″ wide strip of sod, and the crew using square shovels to remove grass, and level the ground. Once the ground preparation is completed we are ready for installation.

Second the concrete is mixed on a self-contained trailer, and color is added to the exact measurement for the job. The mixture of  sand, Portland cement, and a reinforced fiber is what creates a strong durable mixture. The mixture is a dry mix, and will resemble the look of wet sand.

Once the concrete is mixed it is wheeled to the site, fed into the machine and extruded into a beautiful continuous border for your landscaped area.

The crew will then finish out the curb depending on the type of curb you are installing, from using trowels or a stamping process to finish the installation. As an added precaution to ground movement control joints are cut 1/2in into the curb approximate every 12-18 inches to add flexibility to a very strong reinforced curb. Superior Edge offers a mess-free, and hassle-free installation. The curb edging is installed without disturbing your existing landscaping, and the preparation couldn’t be easier – we take care of everything for you!


Concrete Edging offers design flexibility. The unique process used to lay curb edging allows us to conform to your existing landscaping or to make new turns, curves, and contours. The possibilities are practically endless!

Our process allows for the creation of circles. We can create complete circles as small as 36″ radius! Perfect for surrounding your favorite garden or tree.


You can choose from a wide variety of styles & colors. We offer 3 different styles: Slant style, mower style, , and 4 x 6 curb style. You can even decide whether you want to install lights into your curbing. With over 20 different colors from which you can choose, you’re sure to find a color that compliments your home, landscaping, and personal preference.


At Superior Edge, we focus on quality. Our equipment is designed to create the strongest, longest lasting continuous concrete edging and curbing made today. We are trained to work with you to create a custom design that fits your need. In fact, we can custom color our concrete landscape edging to match your home, buildings or any other landscaping decor. Curb Edging offers you strength and durability. We reinforce our concrete with fiber mesh and a special hardening powder to help prevent cracking. You can expect your curbing to last for years to come.  

Low Maintenance

Professional decorative concrete curbing is virtually maintenance-free. You won’t have to worry about rotting, discoloration, or rust; common problems with other edging materials such as wood, plastic, or metal. This means you won’t spend time repairing broken pieces or retreating your wood. Because borders are constructed in a continuous, seamless extrusion, grasses and weeds are completely prevented from growing between or through. This means your landscaping will be easier than ever to maintain.

Increased Home Value

You can increase the value and look of your home with the help of Superior Edge. Concrete curbing is a great way to give your house some additional value, with a fantastic new look!

Install Area

We install decorative concrete landscape edging and curbing within a 90 miles radius of Clinton, MN. That would include towns like Ortonville, MN, Milbank, SD, Wheaton, MN, Morris, MN, Appleton, MN, Starbuck, MN, Glenwood, MN, Alexandria, MN, Breckenridge, MN, Wahpeton, ND, Graceville, MN, Chokio, MN, Alberta, MN, and many more!